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Chip n' Dales MMORPG - Playable Characters

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Here is a full list of playable characters in-game.

Trophies in CNDWorlds in CND

Playable Characters in CND:

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Trophy Required to Unlock Anakin: Ultimate Trophy
Anakin was the chosen one to defeat the sith except he was turned into the evil darth vader and started many wars. He was then good when he saved is son luke from darth sideous.
Trophy Required to Unlock Bowser: Bowser's Shell
Bowser is the king of the koopas he is always capturing princess peach but mario foils his schemes aways and rescues the princess he has minions such as koopas and goombas that always fail in soping mario. he has had many schemes to kidnap the princess one was even in space. he also competes with mario in sports like soccer baseball and others.
Trophy Required to Unlock Chaos: Chaos Trophy
A water-like creature from the Sonic the hedgehog series.He lives for only one thing, to destroy.Collecting the chaos emeralds make him stronger(and bigger)and will help him with his purpose.
Always playable. Changes color to your selection. One of the stars of the game, chip is a chipmunk with a bright red nose who is always getting into trouble!
Trophy Required to Unlock Chocobo: Chocobo Egg
A chocobo is a creature from the Final Fantasy video game series. The creature is a large and normally flightless galliforme/ratite bird capable of being ridden and first appeared in Final Fantasy II and have been featured in almost all subsequent Final Fantasy games, as well as making cameo appearances in numerous other games.
Commander Bly
Trophy Required to Unlock Commander Bly: Rebel Crest
Clone commander 5052, also known as Bly, was the leader of the Star Corps of clone troopers assigned to Jedi General Aayla Secura.
Trophy Required to Unlock Creeper: Ninja mask
One of the main men,Dale is a goofy chipmunk and is never far from Chip. He is a little bit stockier than Chip.
Trophy Required to Unlock Digimon: Digivice
Veemon is the Digimon that is owned by the main character of Digimon season 2: Davis Motomiya. Veemon, along with Hawkmon and Armadillomon, are the three Digimon of ancient times who were sealed away by the Sovereign Azulongmon, to be awakened again in a time of crisis. Veemon was freed in the first episode of Digimon season 2 when Davis lifted the Digi-Egg of Courage.
Donkey Kong
Trophy Required to Unlock Donkey Kong: Dk Trophy
The crazy ape who is good and bad. he originally was chucking barrels at mario but these days hes helpful like in mario party when he gives you stars or hes a good teamate in the mario sport games. but still hes trying to chuck barrels in the mario vs donkey kong series.
Trophy Required to Unlock Dragon: Trophy of Giving
The Dragon of honour. If you have unlocked this character you have done good by your name and must have contributed to the site. If not report this as a glitch.
Gravity Suit Samus
Trophy Required to Unlock Gravity Suit Samus: Gravity Suit
The Gravity Suit is an upgrade for Samus Aran’s Power Suit (as its name implies, the Gravity Suit is known for negating gravity effects that would hinder Samus). The Gravity Suit enhancement is obtained after the Varia Suit, and the addition turns sections of Samus’s armor purple, reduces the damage she takes (to a greater extent than the Varia alone), and allows her to move in fluid unhindered by the resistance and pressure it would normally exert.
Harry Potter
Trophy Required to Unlock Harry Potter: Phoenix Feather Wand
Harry Potter is the boy who lived he surived the killing curse from you know who or the dark lord voldemort. but his parents were killed hagrid the keeper of the keys at hogwarts brought harry to hogwarts so he could be a wizard he was their for six years he had friends like ron weasley or hermione granger. harry fought voldemort and rebounded his killing curse back at him and killed voldemort.
Trophy Required to Unlock Ike: Fire Emblem
Ike is the leader of a gang named the Greil Mercenaries. With the Greil Mercenaries, he served for one one the contry of Crimea and helped them defeat the king of Daein, Mad King Ashnard. Three years later, he united every countries to defeat the Goddess Ashera. Both times he used a sacred regalia of Begnion, Ragnell, to acheive his goal. After defeating Ashera, Ike packs lightly and travels with a friend to continents yet unknown. We finally discovered where he went: CND.
This character can be colored. A lovable little ball of pink blubber that looks harmless but is extremely deadly to Dedede and his minions. His countless adventures in Dreamland and signature copy abilities make him a popular Nintendo character.
Trophy Required to Unlock Link: Ocarina of Time
The hero of Hyrule he was first getting the pieces to the triforce symbol and stop ganondorf. he had a sword a shield and a few other things to help him on the way. he was also trying to rescue princess zelda from ganondorf. Today link is still trying to defeat ganondorf and other villans with his trust sword, shield, and many other weapons.
The Mario brother in green Luigi first appeared in the arcade game Mario Bros, fighting koopas flies and crabs. Mario's younger brother, Luigi is quite the skeptical plumber. Always weary of trouble, Luigi often hides in Mario's shadow. But when he's needed, Luigi will step up to the challenge.
Trophy Required to Unlock Lyn: Mani Katti
Lyn (AKA Lady Lyndis) is a swordfighter from the Sacae plains. Her parents, Hassar, chieftain of the Lorca tribe, and Madelyn, daughter of Lord Hausen of Caelin were killed by bandits before the beginning of the game. At the first part if the game, you become a tactician and tells Lyn and other people what to do in order to defeat Lungdren and save Lyn's grandfather, Hausen.
Mad Gator
Trophy Required to Unlock Mad Gator: To Be Confirmed
Trophy Required to Unlock Mario: Uber Trophy
This character is colorable. You all know him he is the mushroom eating plumber and nintendos mascot. Mario originaly was saving his girlfriend from the ferocious gorilla donkey kong he was called jumpman then.after that he battled koopas and other fiends in the sewers with his brother luigi. then the koopas were back with king bowser with with the punching bags called the goombas mario and luigi then stopped bowser and rescued princess peach or toadstool. Today he plays sports turns into paper and still rescues peach from bowsers vile clutches.
Master Chief
Trophy Required to Unlock Master Chief: Space Trophy
Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 is the main protagonist of the Halo universe, created by video game developer Bungie. Master Chief is a playable character in the trilogy of science fiction first-person shooter video games Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, and Halo 3. Outside of video games, the character appears in the novels Halo: The Fall of Reach, Halo: The Flood, Halo: First Strike, and Halo: Uprising, and has cameos in Halo media including Halo: Ghosts of Onyx, The Halo Graphic Novel and Halo Legends. He is voiced by Chicago disc jockey Steve Downes in the video games in which he appears.
Mega Man
Always playable. Changes color to your selection. A robot created by Dr. Light, Megaman was sent to destroy the robots that had been taken control of by Light's archrival, Dr. Wily. With a blaster and the ability to copy attacks from his enemies, Megaman tears evildoers apart with ease.
Trophy Required to Unlock Metabot: Medabot Medal
Mr L.
Trophy Required to Unlock Mr L.: Chaos Heart
Mr. L, also known as The Green Thunder, is Luigi's brainwashed counterpart, who made his first appearance in Super Paper Mario, serving as an acolyte of the evil Count Bleck. Mr.l created the brobot and its upgrade had arms and legs but its health was lower that the brobot. the brobot l type (The one with arms and legs) had 64 HP, Wich is like super mario 64.
Trophy Required to Unlock Obi-Wan: Jawa Trader Junk
Trophy Required to Unlock Pikachu: Pokeball
Pikachu is the tiny electric mouse Pokémon everyone loves, but don't make it angry, as it has a very powerful thunderbolt attack. Pikachu first appeared in Pokémon Blue and Red and had a starring role in Pokémon yellow. Pikachu is the main Pokemon in the Pokémon anime series. It is the most popular Pokémon. It evolves from pichu and into raichu. Pikachu has made the Pokémon series a hit after the first anime episode and that's why they made Pokémon yellow. Without pikachu there wouldn't be as many Pokémon fans as there is now.
Trophy Required to Unlock Ruff: Beast Key
Trophy Required to Unlock Samus: Ice World Trophy
Trophy Required to Unlock Shadow: Emerald Trophy
A spiky black and red hedgehog. Although similar to Sonic both in looks and speed when you compare their personalities they are like chalk and cheese. He seems to be confused as wheter to serve good or evil.
Trophy Required to Unlock Silver: Telekinesis
Silver the Hedgehog is a silver-furred 14-year-old anthropomorphic hedgehog from 200 years in the future. His individual episode revolves around him traveling back in time with Blaze the Cat to find and kill Sonic the Hedgehog, known to them as the "Iblis Trigger", who they believe is the cause of their world being destroyed in the future due to an unknown hedgehog named Mephiles.
Trophy Required to Unlock Sonic: Sonic Shoes
This character can be colored. A lighting fast blue hedgehog. Sonic loves to be free but will help his friends before he enjoys this. His arch-nemesis is Dr. Robotnik (aka Eggman), and he always manages to stop Dr. Robotniks evil plots. . Sonic first appeared in sonic the hedgehog in 1991 and has had alot more games to today and was originally planned to be named Ned Needlemouse!
Star Fox
Trophy Required to Unlock Star Fox: Trophy of Clouds
He's the leader of the team Starfox which includes Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare and Slippy Toad.
Trophy Required to Unlock Stormtrooper: Imperial Crest
Storm troopers are the minions for the evil sith lord darth vader they are not the most deadly people but they can be deadly in groups.They used to be clones until the sith took over the galaxy.
Always playable. Changes color to your selection. Sonic's oldest friend and top notch mechanic, known for his twin tails. He sometimes gets in Sonic's way but proves his worth further on in Sonic games. With tons of gadgets and a heart full of courage, Tails knows just what to do in times of trouble.
Trophy Required to Unlock Terra: Terra's Rose
Terra Branford is the first character introduced in her game. She is initially a tool of the Empire, controlled with a slave crown. The crown eventually is removed by Arvis, which leaves her with amnesia. She is taken by Locke to the Returners, and she eventually joins them. After traveling with the Returners, she eventually learns that she is the daughter of an Esper father and human mother, which explains her natural magic abilities and her transformation into an Esper form.
Trophy Required to Unlock Terriermon: Digicard
Terriermon is a Digimon. Terriermon is the partner digimon of Henry Wong. He appears as a main character in the Digimon season 3 anime.
Tiny Knight
Trophy Required to Unlock Toad: Toad's Trophy
The small guy with the mushroom head is none other than toad. Toad helped Mario on many adventures like in super mario bros 2. toad also supplies maio with power ups and says the thing mario hates most "the princess is in another castle".
Waddle Dee
Trophy Required to Unlock Waddle Dee: Crystal Shard
Waddle Dee are the main inhabitants of Dream Land.They are orange and apricot. Some, but not all, of the Waddle Dee are also affiliated with the king of Dream Land. They are the most common regular enemy in the Kirby Series; first appearing in Kirby's Dream Land, they have since become a staple of the franchise. He first appeared playable in Kirby 64: the crystal shards and is now playable in this game
Trophy Required to Unlock Yoshi: Yoshi Egg
Yoshi is a green dinosaur with an extraordinarily long tongue. He is a friend of Mario's and has been helping him since he was a baby.

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