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CND General Discussion

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CND mmorpg game acting like a search link? Nintendoguy09 15 Grovfu on June 27
chip n dales doesent work! bob49 8 Grovfu on June 27
World 2 community choice JeanMarc 9 sponge7325 on June 25
when did this game go downhill gggg 2 jeromegee on June 24
Shadowluigi1014 has been demoted. kerbykong 1 Absent0 on June 17
What would improve player retention? Wormy 12 King_Z101 on June 09
Non-Official Discussion Forum Request Thread sponge7325 1 sponge7325 on March 19
World: Housing Communities Wormy 5 Absent0 on Feb 09
hello how is eveyone doing killer 0 killer on Feb 07
Is it just me or is Online not working? RedHeart 8 dfg693 on Feb 06
Bringing the servers back up... FOR GOOD. (page: 1, 2) Wormy 29 kerbykong on Jan 28
Trophy problem enjoi 0 enjoi on Dec 13
sever is down ichigo25 2 ichigo25 on Dec 13
Controlling your Character Wormy 3 Absent0 on Dec 09
Join the Wizard community! JeanMarc 9 JeanMarc on Nov 07
World: PvP World Wormy 5 kerbykong on Oct 21
fire world glitch trickmind 1 sponge7325 on Oct 03
Trophy Shop Thread JeanMarc 14 kerbykong on Sep 21
Help Please! Lukesky180 2 sponge7325 on Sep 14
New Contest: Explore the New Site and Win! (page: 1, 2) Wormy 38 kerbykong on Sep 12
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