Find Star Sky: Joyrider in the Windows 8 Store!
by Wormy on September 14th, 2014

I have finished my latest game, called Joyrider.

In this game, the player is given a small ship and is put up against 12 levels of other ships; sometimes fighting 10-20 enemy ships at a time. The game objectives unfolded as I experimented with asteroid-like space physics and a flexible ship/weapon system that could be used in a future RPG-esqe game.

You can download the game from the Windows store today:

You can read more about the game on my blog:


Site Back Up
by Wormy on August 14th, 2014

Sorry about the downtime folks. I've changed to a new webhost and it should be all cleared up now. The new webhost is excellent. I can even run the game servers on it, which I will be looking into soon!

Right now I am cleaning up any errors. Please let me know if you find any errors.

6 Comments. Cyber Squatting
by Wormy on February 27th, 2013

Hi everyone. I have been working on bringing all my sites back up. I wanted to put a lot of attention into CND and getting it fully operational today, but sadly my hours are being wasted on another one of my websites that also has been in need of maintenance. I would like to describe it to you to help you not make the same mistake in the future and to ask you to please not support a website called

My website, Xanthians Online, was registered to a certain domain name for the last 5-10 years. The domain name was extremely obscure and only made sense to those who were interested in a niche set of fantasy books about 'Xanth' written by Piers Anthony. You probably have not heard of these books. I ran a fansite since I was in 5th grade for fans of the series to come together and discuss the books. It was a great site, my very first website ever.

Last year, I missed the emails warning me to renew my domain for this website, and I lost the domain. Immediately after losing the domain, a company called GoDaddy bought the domain, even though they do not have any explicit reason to. This is referred to as cyber squatting and is it illegal. They buy the website that was accidentally put up for sale and then try to sell it back to the original owners for as much as they think they can get. They price it so that paying them is less expensive than suing them, because what they are doing is illegal.

Out of principle, I started filing a complaint with the organization that handles these cases before they go to court; the WIPO. After filling out strange complicated legal documents (incorrectly filling them out, I am sure) for about an hour, I tried to submit my complaint to the WIPO. It said that it failed due to me failing the 'human verification' at the bottom. The verification was extremely simple and I absolutely typed it in correctly, so there must be something wrong with the WIPO website. Sadly, I could not reload the page without losing an hours work filling in boxes here and there and typing my story. You can see the ridiculous, broken WIPO website here:

I will not try to file the complaint because I know it will lead nowhere. Reading about it online, these organizations are in the pocket of large corporate entities like and the only real way to settle this without giving money is through the US court system which could cost thousands of dollars. I will be moving my website to Please do not support in any way. Thanks for reading!

* ALL GAMES: Got server back up, new hardware, should be good until fall 2013 at least
* CND: Updates made to game to improve multiplayer connectivity
* CND: Fixed a broken link for new players
* CND: Fixed a bug preventing players from choosing their character during and after account creation
* XO: New website domain,
* XO: Fixed a problem with creating duplicate forum threads
* XO: Fixed broken links to outside websites
* BO: Fixed old redirect page
* CND: New Player Labels for Forum as follows:
* New Player, Player, Veteran, Mail Man (>10 mail messages), Power Veteran (>100,000 points), Forum Addict (>500 posts), Trophy Horder (>25 trophies), Grandmaster Gamer (top 10 in any game), Moderator. They are all cool but only the last-most one will be displayed under your name on the forums.
* SS: Fixed some links on the SS page, fixed the bugs making layout look ugly, changed the text.
* CND: improved anti-spam for forum. there are a couple words you cant say now but don't worry ya'll don't want to say them only spammers do.
* CND: added additional human verification to try and stem spam that continues after my last change. Changed account page to allow players to choose their character colors.

Changes/Fixes/Improvements to Mario World Racer
* calling it mario world racer now
* fixed stuck at loading data issue
* fixed the way enemies were disappearing sometimes and were sometimes partially transparent but animations are still stacking strange
* I improved the collision detection but it needs more improvements
* I improved the player physics significantly
* Fixed bugs with enemy types: Thwomp, Rex
* Fixed a connectivity problem
* Reinstated the race function
* Made it work with's leader boards
* Created the Mario World Racer Portal found at This is a place where you can create, share, and play mario world racer levels.

Changes/Fixes/Improvements to Mario World Editor
* when you select an object in editor its smart sprite is automatically selected
* Added several new triggers for the game (spawner, frequency, coinflip, duplicateobj, createobj, template, hidden, _h, _alpha, _visible
* I am hoping to show you all the world editor soon and I made several changes to it to make it more user friendly.
* Players can now create the maps (see mario world racer portal). When you are done with your map, it must be approved to be shown on the approved list of maps. Get approval from a moderator. The editor is still under construction and I have not created a proper manual for it so you may want to wait before making your own maps.
* Changed interface to have more colored buttons and less text
* Changed some of the 'area coordinate' to 'levels' to better represent that the game is split into worlds then zones then levels.
* In tile properties, changed multi-tile to default setting. Hold S now to drag/move the tile properties window.
* Fixed a glitch with selecting tiles by dragging up and to the left
* Changed placing multi-tile groups so if you drag in different directions it handles size incongruency differently. So now when you place your 1x2 or 2x2 trees you can get the tree stump portion to repeat instead of the leaf portion by dragging in a different direction.
* Added buttons to modify tile mode: clear and eyedropper. Holding C left click still clears but using the button is easier for new editors. Hold E and left click to quickly eyedrop a tile.
* Double clicking on an object mode now opens the object property window.
* Double clicking on a tile now opens that specific tiles editor window, allowing you to choose if the tile is special (such as 'kill' or 'invisible') and also how the player collides with the tile (on which sides). Note: the first click of your double click will change the tile. You can avoid this by eyedropping the tile before double clicking it, or using the shortcut for the tile editor window by holding M and clicking once on your tile.
* In the tile editor window there is an option to change the properties of that tile just for your world. This is default and unless you are an administrator you cannot change the default tile values. This is to prevent new editors from messing up other peoples world by changing the tile properties for all the worlds. Due to the sheer amount of tiles already in the game (and I only uploaded 2 sprite sheets so far) there is no way administration will be able to label the collision values for all of them. So editors should check to make sure collision values are correct for all their tiles. If you wish to use a tile in an unusual way (a block with no collision, for instance) then you may want to open it and even if it is set to no collision, go ahead and light up one side of it then unlight that side. That will ensure administration does not set defaults for the block later that are different than what you want. To clarify, tiles collision and special values are specific to a world. You cannot change 1 tiles values without changing all the blocks that look like it in that world unless there is multiple copies of that tile on your spritesheet. TLDR; make sure your tiles collision values are correct.
* Note while using the tile editor window your changes are saved immediately you do not have to press the save button.
* Added a red X that appears over the save icon if you do not have permission to save that world. Likewise you will be unable to open world properties or tile editor window.
* Fixed an error where the loading screen disappears before the area is done loading.
* Removed the 'modify' value dedicated to world dragging. Now world dragging is part of the Modify: Objects (just dont drag near an object or youll pick the object up). Also you can use your keyboard to navigate the area, as always.
* Note that there is a problem with lag when too many tiles are on the screen at once. Try to use background images instead of tiles when possible. I hope to fix this in the future.
* Note that when you are editing the world and you have multiple tiles selected and are laying down large amount of tiles at once by dragging your mouse there might be some severe lag. Do not use your arrow keys while doing this it makes the lag worse. I am probably not going to fix this, just be thoughtful of your lag while holding left click.
* Minor corrections to the tilesheet system for uploading new tilesheets. Also uploaded a couple of them. It is OK for administrators to now upload tilesheets. I will not allow players to upload tilesheets because each tile has an associated database entry and I don't know if my database will be able to handle more than tens of thousands of these entries over time.
* moved to a new gif renderer that is much better. This fixed all the errors with transparency etc that I couldnt fix yesterday.
* fixed the flashing when smart sprite changes sprite it was annoying seeing peach flash
* improved latency associated with race timer
* fixed collision problems (when mario stands between two tubes he does not fall in the crack and mario can hug walls he is like spiderman or something)
* if there is no dazed set for smartsprite it should flip the default sprite if pose is changed to daze. this will make it easier to add smartsprites if you have limited images to represent them.
* Added IF statement HURT. This will execute one time each time an enemy is 'bopped' (head jumped on), but only if the enemy is a bopper enemy (use this_bopper=1 to turn them into a bopper if they arent already).
* Added variables: this._life and this._hurt. note that IF statement
'IF this._hurt=1' would execute over and over while 'IF HURT' would just execute once because it sets hurt to zero after executing.
* you can now again navigate smart sprites (bug fix) and they animate correctly (bug fix)
* Fixed 2 known bugs: 'make it so when you double click it goes back to original tile this is too annoying i keep accidentally changing tiles when i want to open their settings' and '(PRIORITY) tile editor is not saving!!'
* Fixed several bugs with smart sprite composer: new smart sprite no longer show TEST in a couple places. after new smart sprite created you no longer have to close and open the directory to see it.
* added this._collides which you can set to 0 to prevent the game object from colliding with tiles when you turn PHYSICS on.
* options for areas should now reflect changes to coordinate system to a level system by not allowing negative values.
* added triggers PLAYERSPAWN and CHECKPOINT 1. PLAYERSPAWN sets where your players spawn in the level. Checkpoint is similar but players must uncover checkpoints for them to be activated. You can label your checkpoints by # to prioritize which the player spawns at. If there are multiple of the same # then it is random between them (max 2). If there are multiple PLAYERSPAWNs then it is random between them (max 2).
* A default 01-01 level now is created when new worlds are created so the screen isn't a blank slate.
* Added some documentation to the Mario World Portal. It is a document I wrote a while back on how to use the editor... It is not complete but it is helpful and I added some to it today and hopefully I can finish it sometime.

Known Bugs in Mario World Racer (3/4/2013) - BUILDER
* new tilesheets arent loading in
* editing long triggers is incredibly frustrating we need a larger trigger screen or something
* once this is all done --> youtube video tutorial on using the editor

Known Bugs CND:
* (PRIORITY) users are still sliding sometimes like all surfaces are ice.


The game is back online!
by kerbykong on January 5th, 2013

It may or not work for you guys but there's a video of it working for me

Happy New Year by the way, God knows how many years I've been here.
Yes, the prank is old, but it was the big thing back when CND was new.


Website Inaccessable
by Wormy on November 10th, 2012

I am sorry for the outage the last few months. Please email me about any error messages or problems you have with the site and I will fix them smiley for :)


Contest: Suggest a WORG unique item
by JeanMarc on February 19th, 2012

I gave some info in the site contests about it, Wormy and I agreed that it should be a good idea. So, what I'm suggesting is that, after I name a video game, the players have a chance to suggest something, and the best/most original/unique/whatever choice is considered the best will recieve an item. However, it doesn't mean the item will be an unique item, but it will most probably be in the game. Here's an example with week 1's video game: Mario

For example, I'd suggest a koopa shell as a shield.

Probably isn't worth being an "unique" item, but it's an idea. Now good luck finding good stuff.

WEEK 1 (Mario):
1st- 1UP Shroom - RilezTNUKI
2nd- N/A
3rd- N/A

WEEK 2 (Zelda):
1st- Pegasus Boots - RilezTNUKI
2nd- N/A
3rd- N/A

WEEK 3 (Kirby):
1st- Star Rod - RilezTNUKI
2nd- Maxim Tomato - Shadowluigi1014

WEEK 4 (Pokemon):

This week (week 5) is Fire Emblem. Suggest special items, weapons, clothes, armor and stuff.


Creating a Digital World Blog
by Wormy on January 4th, 2012

I have put up a new post on my blog with an overview of a feature for my new RPG that I think is really exciting. I was not kidding when I said I am creating a digital world! My goal for this new game is to create a living breathing world that evolves on its own and can be shaped by players.

This feature, dynamic clans, is the first step towards that:

I would appreciate advice and suggestions directly regarding this new feature and also regarding the map and how to improve it... It is pretty rough right now.


Blog: Progress, Zones, Database Mgmt
by Wormy on December 18th, 2011

Hi guys, I have a few new posts on my blog about my progress in making my new online RPG.

Check it out and let me know what you think:

Also I am going to post a short description of the game world/lore for this new RPG and I would like your help choosing a name for the game world. I think I will be using the name of the world in the title of the game, so this is a pretty big deal. :-) More info on that will be soon.


Like how CND has 30 different characters? Try 50.
by Wormy on November 30th, 2011

Check out my latest blog post where I describe my new RPG and its high capacity for different characters:

It has taken me less than 1/2 an hour to import over 50 different characters already into the system! If only I had known how to do this while making Chip N Dales MMORPG, huh?


CND back online!
by kerbykong on October 21st, 2011

After a long wait the CND main game has finally come back.

I hope to see you all in-game soon. (:


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