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Facebook Daniel Wilson
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Aol TnT
Skype >8U
Board Posts 960
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Mario World Racer 0
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About Me:
Name: King Z101 Age: 17 Species: Fox Eye Color: Blue Fur Color: Black Secondary Color: Green Profile--- Yo! It'sa me, teh King! Things have been slowing down around here, so I'll try to pitch in (Not that I'm good at scripting or anything...) School is coming for me. NOOOOO. After a quick vacation to Roblox and Gaia Online, my attitude has changed a bit, so don't be alarmed, Kerby. XD Site Friends: Kerbykong, supermarioluke, sponge8357 (I'll try getting your username right later! D<), Enjoi, Kolicusi, marioman. Wow, most of you guys left. D: Favorite video game: Phantasy Star Online 2 Hobby: Writing Remnant Souls mini-manga. Pet Peeves: People who hold grudges, people who are too serious, COMPUTERS THAT HATE YOU...
Most Recent Post:
"Re: Wow." on Jan 17
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