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About Me:
Where can I begin exactly? For most of my life I was a little bitch, all it took to snap me out of it was about a year in community day school (I believe it really kicked in after somebody rubbed their chest against the back of my head). So doing what any sane person would do, I got pissed, I actually learnt to hold an arguement, lost all of that flubber I 'know' most of you fatasses are still packing and got somewhere. After being released some total prick of a man (William Hortz, flaming homosexual) committed me because of something i'd written to insult some whiny little emo. I basically sat in a home for the mentally alternative until I knew I could convince these people I was fan-fucking-tastic. That place was super fun, people would take constant abuse (sadistic fucks were in charge after all) and luckily, I was one of them. Ever been pricked in the ass while some fugly bitch held you down and screamed in your face? It's a life changing experience. After feigning enough empathy to make these fuckers think I acutally liked them, I got out, and I was still hopeful, and loving the way the future looked. My mother eventually died of cancer and just about every retard in my family cried like the bitchs they were, that was when I turned towards some of the cheepest and crudist humor people had ever written or said. My family thought I was venting (or some bullshit like that) and offered so much fucking pity towards me. All I did was remembered what I'd read and severed all ties I had with this shitty family, the only thing left to do was study. I was fucking into it, page after page sentenace after sentenace, I wasn't getting much smarter but I was learning nonetheless. In the end I got to strangle a nurse, elbow some wigger prick, and fuck your mother, repedately. I'm not trying to be a dramafaggot, I'm not trying to be anything. Hell, you may as well call me a whiny little emo, because I really wouldn't mind if someone took a brick and bashed my fucking face in. And I'll be completely honest, that little plot summary up there has a few gaps (I don't want to go in depth about throwing up blood or the whole 'cancer' thing) but what the fuck do you care? You're more than likely one of those mods or someone who writes fanfiction, right? If that's the case then how'd you even find this?
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"Re: CND Storyline Chapter 10: The fury of Elements" on Aug 27
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