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  Last Login: 2 Weeks ago
   Xp: 136,497
Proud member of the clan:

Guardians Of Darkness
We are the guardians of darkness sworn to protect the dark sword!Guardians wield the silver sword where as the dark sword is purple and valued by all. We have no feelings and will do anything to protect the dark sword! Nothing can destroy us except our one weekness... Light! There is said to be a chosen guardian who appears every 1000 years who is the only one worthy of the dark sword!
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Harry Potter Quidditch 0
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Mega Man's Escape 0
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Original Donkey Kong Game 0
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Kooking with Kirby 0
Star Sky 0
Sonic the Hedgehog Racing 0
Tails Quest 0
Metroid Swarm 0
Fruit Collecting 0
Mario World Racer 0
Original CND Trailer 0
Cavern Flight 0
Mario World Editor 0
About Me:
Just a procrastinator who likes to start riots on threads and listen to punk rock
Most Recent Post:
"Re: Is my best cnd friend still here?" on Aug 05
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