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Chip n' Dales MMORPG - How to Play

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Game Controls

Object Interaction
    There are several kinds of objects in the world that you will confront, you can activate them usuing the down arrow. Objects include: save points (houses), boxes, balls, in-hand objects, dazed enemies, teleporters, trophies, other players.In special cases you may need to use a Jetpack.Press the up arrow to activate and the fuel bar at the bottom of the screen will begin to dissapear.

    Use your arrow keys to move your character left and right, and press space to jump.

Getting Around
    You can move your character off the side of your screen to enter a new area of the world. Don't fall down into the bottom of your screen though, or you will die! The only time you are allowed to fall down into holes are when they are clearly labeled with an arrow. Arrows do more than just direct you to holes you are allowed to fall into... Arrows also lead you to bosses and teleporters. Look for signs labeled with what each arrow leads to, or consult the World Guide by clicking on 'World' link on this website.
    Advanced Tip: Type /home to return to world 1, and /stuck to return to the start of the world you are currently in.

Playing With Others
    Use the green human icon in the top left to see a list of other players and their location. To invite other players to play alongside you, type /invite in chat. They must type /join to join you. The invitees will be immediately transported to wherever you are playing.
    A lot of the time there wont be anyone in the game world to play with, if this happens, invite a friend to play with you by sending them a link to

    Weapons are used to attack NPCs, bosses, and other players. To pick up a weapon, position your character over the weapon box and press the down arrow key. Different weapons have different ammunition capacity. Some weapons fire side to side, some upwards, and some arc across the screen. To fire a weapon, aim your character left or right and press the down key.
    Advanced Tip: If your character is in motion when you fire your weapon, the weapons trajectory will be effected by your characters velocity.

Fighting NPCs
    To destroy an NPC, you must first daze them. Daze the NPC by hitting it with a weapon. When the NPC is dazed, you only have a few seconds to kill it or it will become undazed and harmful again. Position your character over the dazed NPC and press the down key to pick it up. Press down again to throw the NPC. You do not have to throw the NPC off a cliff, it will die no matter where you throw it.
    Advanced Tip: Some NPCs will come out of a daze sooner than others. Also, NPCs will resurrect about a minute after dying, so dont hang around too long or go away from keyboard!

Fighting with Other Players
    You can daze players much like you daze NPCs. You can also pick up players. When you pick up another player, you have only a few seconds to throw him/her before they escape your grip. Throwing players does not kill them like it kills NPCs, but if you throw them towards a cliff or fire then they will be helpless to survive.
    Advanced Tip: If you are fighting with another player, try holding down your down key and wait for them to come to you. If you have your down key held down, you will always pick them up before they can pick up you. Watch out though, they might try to daze you with their weapon if you are sitting still!

Save Points
    Save points are important for when you need to exit the game or if you are scared you will soon die. If you die, you are brought back to life at your last save point. If you log off the game and then log back on, you are brought back to your last save point. Save points are grey houses and can be found through out the world. To save at a save point, position your character over the house door and press down. An animation will alert you that you have saved.

    Some enemies can not be picked up, either because they are too large or too powerful. These enemies are called bosses, and you can tell if an enemy is a boss because bosses have names above their head. Each boss has a set number of hitpoints, represented by red squares above their heads. Each time you hit the boss with a weapon, the boss will lose one hitpoint. When all their hitpoints are gone, the boss will die and leave you with a trophy. Bosses usually signify a special challenge, and are very important to the game.

    After killing a boss, you will be left with a trophy where the boss died. Trophies can be picked up with the down arrow key, and thrown again with the down key. Hover over a trophy to read more about it. When a trophy is picked up, a button will appear on your screen asking if you would like to save the trophy. Pressing this button takes the trophy out of the game and into your trophy bar along the top of your screen for later use. To take a trophy back out after you save it to your trophy window, just click on it. You will need to use trophies to activate some teleporters.

    Teleporters move you from world to world or within a world. To activate a teleporter, press down on it. The teleporter will count down from five to zero. Standing near a teleporter when its countdown reaches zero will teleport you to the designated location. Hover over a teleporter with your mouse to learn more about where it goes and its trophy requirements.
    If a teleporter will not activate because it requires a trophy, you need to place that trophy on the teleporter. When the teleporter is activated, the trophy will be used up, and if you wish to use the teleporter again later you will have to first gather another trophy.

    Killing NPCs and bosses earn you points. You can see your points in the top right corner of the game window, or on the Visitors section of the site. Try gathering more points than your friends!

    Weapons are not the only things you can pick up. There are also health boxes (shield you from dying) and jet packs (up arrow to fly).

Player Housing
    You can own your own house in game and decorate it to your hearts consent! Houses are a great place to store trophies because they do not disappear when you leave them in your house. Its also a fun way to express yourself and build custom player vs player enviornments for you and your friends. You cannot place NPCs or teleporters in your home, but you can place other objects to customize it.

    To buy a house, press the down arrow key while standing at the doorway of a house that has a FOR SALE sign in front of it. Almost all houses are available in World 2. There are several player housing communities, each with their own theme, and World 2's teleportation hub has teleporters to each of these communities. You can now enter your house using the down key! You will have a special world editor toolbar in the top center of your screen to help you decorate your house. For information about using the world editor toolbar, visit the 'Development' page of this website.

    Please note that you cannot have more than one house. You cannot sell your house. If you do not log in for 1 month then your house will be removed from World 2 (the interior will remain if you ever buy a new house). Your house's interior size is limited. If you have earned over 10,000 points, you can save to areas with a grid of 1,1 or smaller. To save to grid 2,2 you must earn over 20,000 points. Your house's size is only limited by how many points you can earn and how large you can build the house. However, due to data constraints, please do not add more than 2,000 objects to your house.

World Development
    You can help shape the world too! Read more about this feature in 'Development' section of the website. If you enjoy editing your house, let the game creator, Wormy, know and he will give you a password to make perminant changes to the game world, making you a world designer for the game. You MUST read more about it on the development page before emailing.

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