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Chip n' Dales MMORPG - Mapper Development Tools

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The following is a guide to using the map editor tools in Chip N Dales MMORPG to build your house and build worlds (if you first receive permission from a moderator).

Sprite Uploader
add your own custom stationary sprites!
World Reverter Tool
revert mistakes done to your world!

Chip and Dales MMORPG has built in tools to make modifications to the game directly from the game. The tools are fairly easy to use, so you are invited to try them out, and if you like them let me know and I will assign an area within the game world for you to make permanant changes to the game. Become part of the world developement process in CND! Use the below guide to modify the CND world.

Getting Started
World developement takes time and effort, as well as creativity. Get to know your tools before trying to design a level. Realize that you will make mistakes and have to constantly be destroying and replacing objects. Read through this guide carefully and heed all warnings!

How To: Enable Editor Mode
To enable editor mode, type /edit [password] into your chat box. If you do not have a password, you can play with editor mode in your player house (note that you cannot place npcs or teleporters within your house). One purpose of player housing is to encourage new players to become world developers. If there are other players playing the game, please do not use /edit when they are nearby. It may cause serious glitches and ruin the game experience for them and yourself.

How To: Talk Kerbykong into Giving you a Password
Please read this section ENTIRELY before contacting me via private message.

Its pretty easy to get me to give you a password. I just need you to first demonstrate that you have an understanding of how to use the editing tools. Do this by creating a professional looking house. Heres some things I look for when I am deciding to give someone a password or not: (please present all of this in your house!)

+ Knowledge on how to place signs and speech bubbles
+ Good Spelling/Grammar
+ Alignment of objects so they do not overlap funny or have ugly gaps in them
+ Understanding on how to place elevators and color them
+ Creative placement of objects
+ Understanding of when too many objects makes an area look ugly/silly
+ Correct use of killzones to prevent players from free falling forever
+ Understanding how to place background objects and color them appropriately
+ Appropriate color scheming
+ Understanding of how to theme a world, sticking to objects that compliment each other visually and do not look silly together
+ Make sure to include the location of your house (the 'area'/coordinates. ie, -3,0 or something) in your message so I know where to go to see your house
+ Message Kerbykong via the sites messaging system. Do not contact Wormy for a world password.

If you can do the things in the above list then you will get a world! Send me an email by clicking here.

How To: Move Objects
Hold your left click down and drag the object to where you want it to be. Moving NPCs only works vertically, as they will continue walking between their two preset horizontal locations regardless of where you move them horizontally.

How To: Get Around Quickly
Moving around the world you are editing can be a pain. Heres a few ways to make it easier:
1) hold and drag your character to move him like you move other objects.
2) Travel between save points in your current world by hitting the 'Go to next save point' button in the red edit window.
3) Travel to any world (and teleport within that world) by typing the world number into the red edit window and hitting 'Visit World' (you do not have to specify a teleport)
4) Enable the cheat in the red edit window. This will make you invincible to most NPCs and also will allow you to walk on kill objects as if they were regular blocks.
5) Play through your levels. Sometimes the best way to make small improvements to your world is to play through it and watch for annoyances and issues.

How To: Turn off Editor Mode
Simply travel between worlds and edit mode will be disabled. You can also leave the chip and dales play screen and then go back and edit mode will be disabled.

Uploading Custom Made Sprites
You can upload your custom made sprites. First make sure your sprite has transparency instead of a colored rectangle in its background. That is the most important part. A sprite can be a gif, png, or jpg (although jpg does not support transparency so its only recommended for rectangular objects). Next, visit the Custom Sprites page to upload your sprite. Once uploaded, the sprite will be an option to use in the game. Your data is logged each time you upload a sprite, so do not upload anything inappropriate or obscene.

What is Input Syntax? What is a Variable String?
A variable string contains the information that an object needs to function. For instance, you need to choose a speed for NPCs. So where do you enter your chosen walking speed? You enter it into the variable string. But how do you present it in text format? Well, you must follow the Input Syntax for that type of Variable String. Look below under 'NPC Input Syntax'. This gives you the syntax for NPCs. As you can see, there are two variables... Dazed Timer and Speed. First you put the dazed timer value into the NPC Variable String box, and then the Speed. Separate them with the symbol specified, in this case, it is a comma (,).
Make sure you follow all the rules specified below while inputing your variable values. For instance, the speed value must be a negative number. Weird? Yes. But do it. Otherwise the game will glitch out.
An example of a variable string for the NPC variable string input box is: 10,-3
10,-3 is a very standard NPC, who walks a typical speed and is dazed for a typical amount of time. The 10 represents the dazed time and the -3 represents the speed of the NPC. As you can see, we put the dazed value first because it is listed first under NPC Input Syntax on this page (see below).

'Soft' Saving for Easy Editing
You can enable 'soft' saving by typing /softsave into the chat window. This makes it so your save button does not actually save the map to the games database, but just saves the map locally on your computer. If you close CND or leave the world then your map will be lost. Type /hardsave to enable saving to the database again to save your map before you log out. It is useful because as your map gets bigger then it will take longer to save your map to the database and you may want to make things easier by softsaving.

The Music Object (changing areas music)
Theres an object called musicObj, if you place that in your house (it is an invisible object) and place the name of the music in the first variable string (for a list of music names, see development page), then that music will play in that area of your house.

NPC Input Syntax
Variables are split with a comma symbol. (,)
dazed timer, how long the NPC should remain dazed after being hit. A numeral value; 2 would be very short, 20 would be very long.
speed, how fast the NPC walks. Use negative values. -1 would be very slow, -5 would be very fast.

Object Input Syntax
Variables are split with the letter o surrounded by brackets. ([o])
text 1, a string of text which some objects (such as signs and teleporters) display.
text 2, a secondary string of text which some objects (such as large signs and teleporters) display.
color 1, a hexidecimal color which some objects (such as trophies, blocks, backgrounds, and teleporters) display.
color 2, a hexidecimal color which some objects (such as trophies, blocks, backgrounds, and teleporters) display.
Note:, as you will quickly notice, not all objects will allow you to add text or color. Which objects do and dont allow this will have to be determined via experimentation.

Boss Input Syntax
Variables are split with the letter b surrounded by brackets. [ b ], but without the spaces between b and brackets.
name of boss, a string of text which gives a name for the boss to go by
hit points, the numeric amount of times the boss must be hit for it to die
death visual, the visual used to depicit this boss dying. (explode1 is typical, scroll down for a full list)
trophy visual, the visual used to depicit this boss' defeat. (trophy1 is typical, scroll down for a full list)
trophy name, the name given to the trophy.
trophy description, the description of the trophy, 1-2 sentences.
trophy color 1, a hexidecimal color which will appear on your trophy.
trophy color 2, a hexidecimal color which will appear on your trophy.
Note:, boss input syntax is the most difficult syntax to learn in world development. If you do not understand right away, keep trying, this is as hard as it gets.

Elevator Input Syntax
elevators can have trophy requirements (use the one with a pic of a trophy). Just type in the name of the trophies into the text1 input for the object variable string, separate them with [r]. Aka... Trophy of Kings[r]Trophy of Death[r]Chocobo Egg[o][o]FFFFFF[o]FFFFFF

Bouncy (yellow) Brick Syntax
These are really easy to use. Just put a number value in the obj variable string from 5-40. 40 bounces people reallllyyy high and 5 is a really small bounce. Anything over 40 will be silly and annoying probably. Max is 80 but please do not go over 40.

Player Housing Syntax
Let me make this clear... DO NOT PLACE MORE THAN 3 PLAYER HOUSES in your world! This is important. That being said, select the teleport that looks like a player house and place this in the text1 object variable string: 'FOR SALE: Enter House to Buy It.'

Weapon Input Syntax (for NPCs with weapons)
Variables are split with a comma. (,)
weapon type, always use the string 'gun' for weapon type. Do not include the quotations, just the word gun.
weapon visual, this is the how the weapons bullets look. There are several types of weapon visuals; refer to the quick reference table. An example of a weapon visual would be fireball or iceball.
x velocity, this is how fast the weapon moves in the x direction. a high value would be -15, a low value would be -5
y velocity, similar to x velocity
gravity, how hard gravity pulls on bullets
reference point, use the number 0 for this, it is just a reference point and should always be 0.
chance to fire weapon, this is how often the NPC fires the weapon. A low value would be .05, a high value would be .8- You can induce a non stop state of firing with an extremely high number like 10 (make sure to have a long firing time if you do this).
firing time, this is how long it takes to fire the weapon. NPCs stand still for a moment when they are firing. It serves as a warning to players that the NPC is about to fire their weapon, and also a buffer in case the NPC fires their weapon twice in a row. A low value would be 2 (please do not go lower than 2), and a high value would be 6. This also applies to players with automatic weapons, but for players it cannot be edited from the developer tools (only coded into the source: low would be 250, high would be 3000).
firing direction variation, this varies the direction of fire at random. It is measured in degrees, so a value of 180 would give a chance of the weapon being fired + or - 180 in each direction. This would mean that 180 is the highest value you should use, because 180 would encompass a totally random shot in any direction. A value of 0 would mean that the NPC fires the weapon in the same direction every time. So use a value from 0 to 180. Typically you should use 0 as a value, because it allows players to better predict what the NPC will do and leave things less up to chance when they are fighting the NPCs.
damage to blocks, this is how much damage the weapon does when it hits blocks. Do not go over 100!!! if you set it to 0 then this weapon will not be able to destroy any blocks.

Block Input Syntax
Variables are split with a comma. (,)
friction, how slippery the ground is. A value of 1 is normal, do not go above 1. Use around .1 to .2 for slippery. 0.01 would be extremely slippery. Do not use 0 or a value below 0.
forced movement, like a rotary belt, any characters standing on this block will be slowly moved left or right. Use a negative value to push left, positive to push right. 1 would be a slow movement, and 5 would be very fast. Dont go above around 10.
explode toughness, this is how tough the block is. set to 0 to make this block invincible. 100 is very tough, 1 is very weak (any weapon will destroy it) If you set this to 0, weapons will move right through the block.... So if you want weapons to hit the block but not damage or destroy the block then set this to over 100.
explode visual, this is the visual presented if this block explodes. Leave it at 0 if the block is undestroyable.
damaged visual, this is the visual presented if the block is damaged. if you want a block to be damagable, it cannot be explodable too. Leave explode visual set to 0 and choose a visual for the damaged block (typically a ground block).

Teleporter Syntax:
Variables are split with a comma. (,)
world (<10), the world players are sent to
teleporter to teleport to, the teleporter in that world that players are sent to
this teleporter number, the teleport number this teleport is labeled with, that way you can send players to this teleporter from other teleporters.
trophy req 1,trophy req 2,ect, put a full list of the required trophies in this field, each trophy should be separated with a comma. Do NOT put a comma at the very end of the list. Make sure you capitalize correctly.

Object Types:
block, this object can be walked on by players.
human, this object cannot be placed with developer tools, it is a human player.
npc, this object is a non player character, they walk back and forth between specified points and can fire weapons if assigned.
liftable, this object can be lifted, thrown, and stood on by players.
weapon, these objects can be picked up. Weapons include health/shield packs.
kill, this object will kill a player if he touches it.

Visual Names:
Sometimes a variable will call for a visual value. If you do not type in a visual value listed below then the game will glitch out. Make sure to capitalize correctly. Only choose one visual.

Death Visuals:
bearmandeath,explode1,explodeBig, haloMonsterDeath,ratManDeath,openChest,openBox,openBag

Music Names:
ethnic1, techno1, techno2, drums1, drums2, smooth1, smooth2, adventure1

Trophy Visuals: (note, a lot of these are simply dead bodies. good for giving npcs lots of life without them being bosses, just name the trophy 'Corpse', the generic name for dead bodies)
trophy1,trophy2, corpse1 (the guy holding shield and gun), corpse2 (the purpleish guy), egg, mushroom,orcarina,yoshiEgg,ntrophy1,ntrophy2, imperial,rebel,swb20dead (stormtrooper dead), monstie2dead (rebel troop dead), monstie3dead (pig man dead), droid1dead (small), droid2dead (super), droid3dead (roller),banthaHead (dead bantha)

Weapon Visuals:
box1,hammer,fireball,greenFlame, gun,auto1,auto2,auto3,auto4,rocket,ball,acorn,water

Music Names:
For the Music Object, you must input into the text field the name of the music. Here are the music names:
ethnic1, techno1-3, drums1-6, smooth1-2, adventure1-3, marioBoss1-5, calm1-5, halo1, mario1, electric1-2
when it says drums1-6, it means: drums1, drums2, drums3, drums4, drums5, drums6.

Variables to Set:
Even though only wormy can do this, I put it here anyways. Ask wormy to do it for you for fun.
defender, elevatorSpeed, darkenChat, gravity, moveAcel, friction, maxVX, jumpVel, appearance, dazed, noCollision,

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